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Analysts give Man Group Limited (LON:EMG) a “Moderate Buy” recommendation.

The six analysts currently covering Man Group Limited (LON: EMG) have given the stock a “Moderate Buy,” which represents the consensus rating for the stock, as reported by Bloomberg Ratings. There have been a total of five research analysts who have recommended buying the stock, but only one has recommended including it in one’s portfolio. The stock has been given a price target of GBX 287.67, equivalent to $3.47, by brokers who rated the company in the prior year. This price target is the average price target that has been set for the stock for the next 12 months.
Several market analysts have recently provided commentary on the EMG stock that was provided recently. During the trading session that took place on October 19, Shore Capital reaffirmed its “buy” recommendation on Man Group shares. Credit Suisse Group reaffirmed an “outperform” rating on shares of Man Group and positioned them with a GBX 280 ($3.38) price objective in a research report published on Friday, September 30. In a research report that was released on Friday, October 21, Barclays rated the company as “equal weight” and lowered their price target on Man Group from GBX 290 ($3.50) to GBX 270 ($3.26). Man Group was also given an “equal weight” rating. This is the final change, but certainly not the least important one.
On Friday, December 16, Anne Wade, an employee with insider trading privileges, bought 15,000 shares of company stock (related news). The total cost of purchasing these shares was £31,650, equivalent to $38.196.96. This equates to an average price of GBX 211 ($2.55 per share). According to related news, an employee with administrative privileges at Anne Wade purchased 15,000 company stock on Friday, December 16. The total cost of purchasing these shares was £31,650, equivalent to $38.196.96. This equates to an average price of GBX 211 ($2.55 per share). On top of that, Man Group insider Luke Ellis sold 11,363 shares of the company’s stock on Tuesday, December 13. After much deliberation, it was decided that the stock price per share should be GBX 220 ($2.66), $24,998.60, and $30,169.68, respectively.
When trading started on Friday, the price of one share of Man Group was determined to be GBX 213.70 ($2.58). The company’s price-to-earnings ratio is currently at 647.58, and its market value is estimated at 2.74 billion pounds. Currently, the debt-to-equity ratio stands at 23.80, the quick ratio stands at 1.58, and the current ratio stands at 1.80. The company’s 50-day moving average and 200-day moving average are currently located at GBX 215.68 and GBX 234.11, respectively. The 12-month low for Man Group is 177.30 British Pounds, equivalent to USD 2.14, and the 12-month high for Man Group is 277.60 British Pounds, equivalent to USD 3.34.
A publicly traded investment company such as Man Group Plc is an example. Long-only investment management and alternative investment management are included in the scope of services the organization provides, which operates on a global scale. In addition to asset classes such as stocks, real estate, currencies, credit, volatility, and commodities, it offers a wide range of products and solutions that can be used for liquid investing. Some examples of these include quantitative, multi-manager, and discretionary investment approaches.

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