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Discover the Benefits of Alternative Investments with HedgeUp

HedgeUp is a decentralized platform that has created a lot of buzz in the decentralized finance space with its niche approach toward cryptocurrency usage. It serves to act as a bridge between cryptocurrency users and alternative investment products that have been expanding on a global level. With HedgeUp, crypto users can seek alternative investment products like luxury watches, gold, aviation, fuel, and art, among other things. As the global market for these investment products reaches new heights, crypto users get to interact on an international scale. 

These products also offer a buffer against market volatility while diversifying one’s portfolio. The combined effect of these factors offers crypto users a new investment option that provides enhanced returns. HedgeUp offers its users “baskets” of investment products which include a mixture of assets. According to the HedgeUp team, a typical “basket” of alternative investment products can yield average returns of approximately 28-36%.

HedgeUp has launched a native token called $HDUP, which can be used for all transactional purposes like staking, voting, accessing rewards, and financing marketing activities. The team have made the $HDUP Token available on presale for those keen on buying it.

HedgeUp has been garnering rave reviews from cryptocurrency analysts with its next-generation features that safeguard its users’ interests and privacy. Under its business model, the analysts and experts roped in by HedgeUp will help to finalize deals with third-party vendors who supply alternative investment products. After deals are finalized, the available products are uploaded onto the HedgeUp marketplace. All assets will be kept secure in an insured and licensed vault. 

The HedgeUp team has launched a non-fungible token (NFT) collection that gives them a steady source of passive income. If you are interested in buying these NFTs, you can choose between a basket of investment products or an individual asset. Also, users can opt for fractional ownership – wherein users own just a certain percentage of an asset rather than the entire NFT. Users will be able to sell any HedgeUp assets that they have bought within the HedgeUp Marketplace.

Users should know that while the platform doesn’t charge any tax if you buy the $HDUP Token, it does levy a 5% tax on selling these tokens.

Why is HedgeUP beneficial to its users?

HedgeUp has a wide array of features available on its network that enable crypto users to explore alternative investment products and contribute to the platform’s growth. For instance, the platform’s governance structure HedgeUp DAO is based on the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) model where $HDUP token holders get voting rights to participate in its daily operations. Token holders can use their voting rights to put forward their views about proposals pitched by other community members. They can also voice any concerns that they might have about the team’s plans for the $HDUP token. 

The platform also has a policy of incentivizing user participation. Users get to earn rewards for participating in things; the platform organises these staking events regularly. By staking their tokens, users contribute to liquidity management, strengthen the market, and create better trading opportunities. 

Here’s what you need to know about the $HDUP Token

The $HDUP token is a versatile cryptocurrency that manages multiple use cases seamlessly. Its supply of tokens is capped at 999,000,000 units, and these tokens have been divided into numerous categories to support various phases of the platform’s growth. For instance, the largest share of the supply has been set aside for presale transactions at 35%. Next, interested buyers will also be able to purchase the $HDUP token on decentralized exchanges, as 17% of the tokens will be utilized for exchange listings. Another 14% of the tokens will be used for financing marketing activities to increase the platform’s reach. The remaining supply will be divided between reserve (15%), staking and rewards (3%), founders and team members (12%), advisory and partners (2%), and charity (2%). Users should know that all $HDUP tokens bought on presale will have a vesting period. For instance, all tokens bought in presale stages 1-6 will be locked for three months, while those purchased in presale stages 7-8 will be locked for a month.

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