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HedgeUp Aims To Provide Access to a Wide Range of Alternative Investment Products

HedgeUp is a decentralized platform that aims to create more awareness about alternative investment products in the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem. HDUP is an asset with a niche offering.  They enables their users to do more with cryptocurrencies than just dabble with blockchain-based assets. HedgeUp cryptocurrency users can also explore the opportunities represented by the alternative investment space.  By investing in products like luxury watches, art, aviation, wine, and gold.  A key benefit that HedgeUp users can look forward to is having a hedge against market volatility. This can be done by choosing a basket of alternative investment products. As an investor the best advantage is to have a diversified portfolio. 

To facilitate all kinds of transactional uses on its platform, HedgeUp has rolled out a native token called $HDUP. This cryptocurrency can be used for uses like staking, distributing rewards, and accessing voting rights, among others. The $HDUP Token is available on presale for interested buyers.

HedgeUp has a robust security framework that offers its users an enhanced level of privacy and security. Its business model prioritizes its users’ interests which is why it has roped in experienced analysts and experts for negotiating with third-party vendors and guiding its users. Under its business model, the HedgeUp team partners with startups to facilitate its users’ market entry. Next, its analysts strike deals with third-party vendors to supply the best investment products. Once the deals are finalized, the products go live on the HedgeUp marketplace. All these products are stored in a vault that is both licensed and insured. 

HedgeUp’s NFT collection offers opportunity for cryptocurrency users to earn steady passive income. With the NFT series, users can either buy individual assets or choose a basket of alternative investment products. Also, they have the option of becoming fractional owners of these NFTs and owning a certain percentage of the fungible token instead of the entire asset. Users have the leeway to purchase or sell any other asset that they might have bought from the HedgeUp marketplace.

How can HedgeUp benefit crypto users?

Apart from its NFT collection and a versatile native token, there are several other opportunities that HedgeUp offers its users to increase their wealth and learn more about the alternative investment products ecosystem. One of the key USPs of the platform is HedgeUP DAO – HedgeUp’s governance structure that is built on the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) pattern. With HedgeUP DAO, the platform will be leveraging the decentralized governance of DAO to monitor its investment baskets, allocate liquidity, and decide the future course of its projects. A unique fact about the governance model is that community members get to participate in the daily operations via voting rights. $HDUP Token holders get exclusive voting rights which can be used for voting for or against any proposal pitched by another community member. Additionally, HedgeUP DAO members get extra benefits for their participation. These benefits are in tandem with the platform’s policy of incentivizing participation. All community members who stake and lock their $HDUP tokens in the treasury during the staking events will be eligible for rewards. These staking events are organized at regular intervals for users. 

All you need to know about the $HDUP Token

The HedgeUp team has fixed the total supply of the $HDUP tokens at 999,000,00 units and the supply has been divided into various uses or categories to facilitate the platform’s growth. For instance, the largest share has been allotted to presale at 35%. Next, the team will set aside 17% of the tokens for its exchange listings and another 15% as a reserve. To ensure that the HedgeUp platform reaches the right audience and that more people know about it, the team will be using 14% of the tokens for funding their marketing campaigns. While 12% of the tokens have been allocated for HedgeUp founders and team members, another 2% of the $HDUP Tokens will be diverted for advisory and partners. Also, 3% of the tokens will be utilized for staking and distributing rewards. Lastly, the remaining 2% of the tokens will be utilized for charitable donations.

Users should know that the tokens purchased in stages 1-6 of the presale will have a vesting period of three months. Likewise, those bought in presale stages 7-8 will be locked for 30 days. The tokens set aside for founders, team members, advisory, and partners would also be locked for 18 months. However, they would be released in a phased manner to a shared wallet.

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