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An update from the editor about recent coverage and what coverage is coming in the next few days on this site.

There have been plenty of financial results and more M&A
deals announced in recent days, with figures suggesting that so
far most banks have managed to weather the storms of 2022 in
relatively decent shape. But it has been hard to ignore how the
2022 equity and bond market sell-off dented assets under
management. Revenues fell at certain lenders, and firms are
having to work harder to protect margins.

What has perhaps made a difference is that unlike
immediately after the 2008 tsunami, firms have had time to
strengthen balance sheets and cut risk exposures. 

UBS, by some metrics the world’s largest wealth manager, reports
its 2022 and fourth-quarter 2022 results on Tuesday, with other
Swiss and European players reporting in coming days.

M&A deals have been something of a mini-theme. Charles
Schwab, one of the big beasts of the US and global financial
has acquired
Family Wealth Alliance. FWA is a B2B
network organization acting for the firms and people working with
ultra-HNW individuals. We know its creator and head, Tom
Livergood, and will be interested to see how that group moves
forward under its new ownership. There’s quite a bit of
competition in this sort of space. In another M&A move,
Indosuez Wealth Management, part of France’s Crédit Agricole,

a majority stake in Wealth Dynamix, a firm providing
client lifecycle and related software solutions. This shows how
big players want to tighten their hold on such business areas.
Tech firm FNZ has also
been busy
on the shopping front. 

My recent opinion
item on why the industry must do a better
job at appealing to young adults looking for an exciting career
won some “applause” judging by the clicks; our US correspondent,
Charles Paikert, had a
fascinating item
out asking whether all those out-of-work
tech folk let go by the likes of Google, Microsoft and others Big
Techs could pivot to the wealth sector. The answer is a
“maybe.” Charles also snagged a great interview with a US
wealth management
who cast a sharp eye over the doings of several

Asia went a bit quiet over the past few days for the Chinese New
Year – it is the Year of the Rabbit. We have got plenty of
material in the pipeline, including a commentary from consultants
Synpulse about the Asian mass-affluent market’s potential. And
with Beijing loosening zero-Covid restrictions several weeks ago,
economists are keeping a beady eye on what difference this may
make to the global as well as Asian economy.

In Europe, one story that could cause ructions is about how
European Parliament members have voted to give a proposed
directive that targets “shell companies”
more teeth
. Some lawyers say this will simply encourage these
entities to quit the EU for friendlier climes, such as the UK or
the Channel Islands. We shall see. 

We’ve got video interviews coming from a wealth manager in the US
with a take on “faith-based” investing. And there’s another due
to come out soon with Anne Liebgott,
founder of AW+SWITZERLAND over a decade ago, who has
shone a light on the Swiss firms that serve US investors and
expats – an important niche area. Video content is buzzing on the
sites: I had
this recent interview
with Steffen Pauls, CEO of Moonfare,
the alternative investment management platform; we also have this

recent webinar
recording about our latest Tech and Ops
research report.

As the weeks roll by, the usual end-of-financial year tax filing
season gets underway in the US. This year there are rumblings
about a threatened type of “wealth tax” stemming from a recent
ruling by the Ninth Circuit US Court of Appeals. We will keep our
eyes on this sort of issue and see what transpires from the US
legal system. As is always the case with US tax, it is never

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