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The 5 Best Crypto Presales To Invest In

The 5 Best Crypto Presales To Invest In

Savvy investors know you have to get in early to make the most significant gains. By investing in a presale, you can expect to accumulate tokens at a significant discount compared to normal trading. So if you can spot the best crypto presales with the greatest potential, you might just see the mind-blowing gains that most investors can only dream of.

With that in mind, let’s look at the five hottest presales out there so that you can find the perfect project to get in on early.

  1. Metacade
  2. ASTL
  3. EstateX
  4. HedgeUp
  5. Metropoly


Metacade is an exciting and innovative new project looking to revolutionize gaming by establishing a community hub to enable gamers and crypto fans to collaborate, connect, and play together.

The project is being touted by many as the best crypto presale out there. It is broad in scope, including multiple different revenue streams in its plans, such as on-platform advertising, competition entry fees, a launchpad for game development, and even job listings. Perhaps even more compelling, though, is a similar plan for the users to generate their own revenue through alpha testing, play-to-earn (P2E) rewards, and community engagement.    

One of the most interesting areas of the Metacade proposition is the Metagrants program for game development funding. Game creators will have a unique opportunity to submit proposals for new games to the Metacade community, who will then vote on their favorite ideas. The developers who propose the most popular game ideas will be rewarded with Metagrants. Games developed with Metagrants will be released on Metacade.

These grants provide a great deal of value by not only increasing the incentives to hold the MCADE token (token holders get to vote on the distribution of funding) but also by creating work-to-earn possibilities for users, where testing and giving feedback about early-stage games rewards users with the MCADE token. This reward for feedback complements the broader range of work-to-earn opportunities that Metacade will provide, such as gig work, internships, and other chances to build a rewarding career within the gaming community.

Metacade comes with an audit by leading blockchain auditing firm Certik that will no doubt reassure investors, and the project needed just three weeks to raise over $1.2 million in funding. This massive support should come as no surprise for those who have read the whitepaper in more detail, given that the project has a roadmap full of technical deliverables and focuses on gaming — an area of Web3 that many see has great potential.

The project’s tokenomics are strong, with a 2 billion token supply, and already talks of potential for buybacks and burning — both well known for the price appreciation they drive for token holders. Furthermore, the decision to burn or buy back tokens will be made by the community, giving token holders a great deal of power to make the right decisions for the project and for their investment.

There’s not much more that needs to be said to explain why investors are so excited about the Metacade presale. There’s no doubt that Metacade is one to watch and a top candidate for the best crypto presale. With some significant price rises in store as the nine stages of the presale continue, we’ll likely see presale tokens sell out very quickly, so seasoned investors would do well to get in as early as possible.

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Crypto mining has been a lucrative endeavor for many years now; however, it usually requires a huge capital overlap in order to invest in the infrastructure required. It is also heavily restricted by location due to the need for low-cost energy for the activities to be profitable.

The ASTL project is a new way to get a stable monthly income from mining without the hassle of buying or renting mining equipment. By leveraging its own data centers, advanced computing power devices, and AI-driven blockchain technology, ASTL has claimed that it is able to make cryptocurrency mining 25-30% more profitable than other similar projects. Each ASTL token represents a small portion of the computing power, allowing token holders to easily diversify into mining just by buying ASTL tokens.

Thanks to diversified cryptocurrency mining and real portfolio management, investors don’t need to worry about market volatility and depreciation due to changes in the exchange rates of single currencies. The project’s technology continuously increases the mining capacities and generates “green” energy necessary for this purpose while ensuring the stability of payments and reliability of investments for the token holders. This means that ASTL tokens offer high liquidity compared to traditional mining equipment, which is plagued with problems like maintenance and the potential obsolescence of devices over time.

ASTL tokens could be an attractive option for those looking for reliable and secure investments in mining. By using advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, and green energy solutions, it provides users with an opportunity to gain a steady income while avoiding the risks associated with traditional methods like cloud mining and buying or renting mining equipment.


Presales for crypto projects have become an increasingly popular way for cryptocurrency projects to raise funds to move forward as a business in the early stages. EstateX is one example of a business offering a discounted price on their $ESX token before planning for an exchange listing later this year.

EstateX may be an exciting investment opportunity due to its focus on real estate investments and fractional ownership of property assets, representing a growing use case for Web3. In addition, its focus on providing people with access to high-net-worth investment opportunities previously unavailable to them could create significant potential for those looking for alternative ways of investing in real estate without having a large amount of capital available upfront.

Furthermore, EstateX’s commitment to educating people about asset management and creating generational wealth could benefit those looking to build sustainable wealth over the long term.

The EstateX presale is attractive because it offers the chance to purchase tokens at a lower price than they may be worth later on when the project is more established. So investors can benefit from price appreciation on their ESX tokens when market rates kick in after the project has launched.

The broad appeal of EstateX and its desire to shake up a large existing market makes it one to watch on the list of best crypto presales.


HedgeUp is an interesting new crypto project that is hoping it can shake up the world of alternative investments. It is one of the first crypto NFT-based platforms in the world to provide access to alternative asset classes to anyone, regardless of their capital. The project’s token, $HDUP, will enable users to make fractional investments in gold, diamonds, yachts, wine, private jets, fine art, and luxury watches, and this cultivated list of assets is part of what makes the project appealing to investors looking to gain a window in the world of luxury asset investments. With just $1 worth of $HDUP tokens staked into HedgeUp’s platform, users can access a world of alternative investments.

The platform hopes to offer a range of benefits to its users, such as exclusive access to equity NFT releases; bonuses and staking rewards; access to online master classes; HedgeUp banking to improve cash flow; membership in a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), and more. Experts anticipate that the global market for alternative investments will double within five years — from its current mark of $9 trillion up to more than $18 trillion — making now an opportune time for investors looking to take a risk into a new frontier of alternative investments for portfolio growth.

HedgeUp is an interesting solution that provides an accessible entry point into the world of alternative investments at a minimal cost. With a user-friendly platform and comprehensive suite of benefits, the project may well take a slice of a significant market, provided they can generate sufficient adoption over the coming years.


Metropoly is an innovative new project that is shaking up the world of real estate by offering fractional ownership of properties in the form of NFTs. With as little as $100, investors can diversify their crypto portfolio with access to real estate that would not usually be available to them.

The Metropoly project has reduced purchase time from 60 days to just 20 seconds thanks to its use of Web3 technology, and METRO token holders are rewarded with additional benefits such as investor NFTs, real estate NFTs, cashback and a one-off competition to win a $1 million property at the Burj Khalifa.

Investors can be reassured that professional property managers will take care of everything from property maintenance to finding tenants so token holders can earn rental income and value appreciation on their investments. Metropoly’s presale is currently running, making it one of the top crypto gainers out there.

Metacade – The clear choice for big gains

As you can see, several new crypto companies are in their presale phase right now. Each of them offers a unique and exciting roadmap, and they all make good crypto investment opportunities. However, Metacade’s well-rounded offering for gamers, community-centered features, and learning opportunities, makes it the best crypto project in this top five.

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