As Elon Musk’s Favourite Cryptocurrency Dogecoin Tanks 39%, Will Crypto Enthusiasts Look Towards Big Eyes Coin For Safety?

Elon Musk has been at the forefront of cryptocurrency news since he pledged his support for the pioneer meme coin, Dogecoin (DOGE). Dogecoin represented a unique buying opportunity for crypto traders, becoming the first cryptocurrency to use light-hearted memes to gain popularity.

However, meme tokens have historically been volatile due to their lack of utility in the crypto market. That is why Big Eyes Coin (BIG) has incorporated utility into its token, aiming to shift wealth into the DeFi ecosystem while highlighting the importance of sustainability in the crypto market.

This editorial piece will examine Dogecoin’s slump and whether Big Eyes Coin will become the next haven for crypto enthusiasts and potentially Elon Musk. Let’s begin with Big Eyes Coin!

What Will Big Eyes Coin Offer Its Community?

As mentioned above, Big Eyes Coin will prioritise sustainability and shifting wealth into the DeFi ecosystem. The token has already made several contributions to charities involving the well-being of children, animals, and marine life. One of the donations included the $1000 Big Eyes Coin donated to Big Cat Rescue Corp, a charity chosen by Big Eyes users!

While Big Eyes Coin will remain heavily involved with charity work, the platform will also introduce enthralling features to its ecosystem that its users can take advantage of. One is the NFT collection, launching in the third stage of the Big Eyes Coin roadmap. Big Eyes Coin aims to host an NFT collection in the top ten projects, making this collection extremely desirable to many crypto enthusiasts.

Another exciting feature of the Big Eyes Coin platform is its marketing wallet. Big Eyes Coin understands the importance of staying relevant in the meme coin sector, which is why it has set up a marketing wallet holding 5% of BIG tokens.

The tokens from the marketing wallet will fund merchandise users can purchase and a comic book series depicting the mascot’s adventure in the crypto world! With all of these exciting features Big Eyes Coin brings to the crypto market, it is hard to see why crypto enthusiasts won’t look towards this new platform through the market slump.

If you want to see more of Big Eyes Coin, watch the video below!

Are The Doge Days Over For Dogecoin?

Although Dogecoin was the pioneer of the meme coin market, it is still vulnerable to extreme volatility as it follows the trend of the rest of the crypto market. However, that could change soon as Elon Musk has officially announced his ownership of the social media platform Twitter.

Twitter introduced tip jars in 2021, so users could tip their favourite creators for their work. Previously, Elon Musk accepted Dogecoin as a valid currency for Tesla merchandise, the company of which he is the CEO, resulting in a 20% spike for Dogecoin. If Elon Musk were to accept Dogecoin as a valid currency for tips on Twitter, we could see the same pattern emerge.

Although Dogecoin is experiencing a 39.86% decrease in value in the past seven days at the time of writing, the meme coin is likely to bounce back. Dogecoin has been accepted as a valid currency by a growing list of businesses and restaurants, increasing its utility and importance in the crypto economy.

Final Thoughts

Dogecoin has been a profitable cryptocurrency in the past, helping many crypto enthusiasts build substantial portfolios. The frequent celebrity endorsements by Elon Musk have also contributed to its success and popularity thus far.

However, Big Eyes Coin could steal the show with its highly anticipated launch. The new meme token has risen $9.76 million during its presale at the time of writing, showcasing the hype around the platform. If Big Eyes Coin maintains its current course with sustainability and charitable donations, it could receive attention from high-profile figures searching for involvement in charities.

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