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Pedro Antonio-Cosme Esquivel, 22, of Audubon has been charged in Becker County District Court with felony second- and third-degree and assault.

According to court records, just before 6 a.m. on July 10, Becker County deputies responded to the report of an assault victim who was at the Orton’s gas station in Audubon.

Initial information gathered indicated that the assault occurred at a residence shared by multiple workers living in Audubon.

The man who was assaulted described that he initially went to sleep and was awakened by Esquivel grabbing his legs and pulling him. He said Esquivel got on top of him and started choking him with his hands around his neck, then started punching his face. The man said that three people assaulted him and that he was “kidnapped” by coworkers.

The victim described that at one point, his hands were tied in front of his body with a white rope. Esquivel and others then placed the man in a room in the lower level of the residence. The victim, who doesn’t speak English, told deputies through a translation line that the perpetrators wanted him to pay money for something, but wasn’t sure why.

The man said he later escaped by burning through the rope with a lighter he had in his pocket while the others were sleeping, and said they had stolen his phone so that he could not call police.

The man said that Esquivel stole his wallet which had $308 and some paperwork in it, and that Esquivel told him they were going to kill him. The victim said Esquivel and another man hit him repeatedly with an two foot long metal rod.

A search warrant was later executed on the victim’s residence, and Esquivel was located in a basement bedroom and detained. He later stated that the victim tried to start fighting with people and attempted to stab him with a knife, but that he defended himself. Esquivel that he did not know what happened to the victim after that.

Deputies found a pillow and a blanket, both with blood on them, on the floor of a bedroom. There was also a broken rope on the floor with several spots where it appeared to be burned.

A metal rod was also found in the bedroom where Esquivel was sleeping.

When deputies first arrived to talk to the victim, he had blood on his face and appeared to have been struck multiple times. He had a cut below his left eye, an abrasion above his right eye and substantial swelling on the right side of his face. The man also had dried blood on his face and chest. Victim advised he did not speak English and that he could not read or write.

On July 12, bond or bail for Esquivel was set at $50,000 without conditions, or $20,000 with standard conditions of release. He remained in jail as of Aug. 31.

A plea hearing is set for Sept. 7.

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