Big Eyes Joins Dogecoin  and Aave as Top Tokens to Watch out for in the Cryptocurrency Market

As the crypto collapse eases out and the cryptocurrency market struggles to bounce back, new projects are taking centre stage. Big Eyes (BIG) faces the ecosystem head-on, offering a new disruptive alternative to the dog-themed meme coin sector. Its potential makes it a top choice cryptocurrency to look out for, just like Aave (Aave) and Dogecoin (Dogecoin).

Dogecoin (DOGE) is a decentralized meme coin designed as a simple and open-source alternative to Bitcoin (BTC). Dogecoin was created in late 2023 by Jackson Palmer and Billy Marcus. Doge represents a successful attempt to poke fun at Bitcoin, which explains why it is popularly known as a meme coin. It exists simply to inspire fun and laughter in the cryptocurrency market. 

Dogecoin boasts a speculative potential and growing followership that helps it dominate the meme ecosystem. This is so that despite its utility and real-life application, Dogecoin is still highly rated and competitive. Users can trade Dogecoin on the Binance Smart Chain, which uses the network to offer low transaction fees, scalability and ultra-speed transaction throughput to its users and investors. At the time of writing, DOGE currently sells at $0.640.

Another token worth your investment is Aave (AAVE). This open-source DeFi protocol offers lending and borrowing alternatives to its users. Founded in Switzerland in 2017, Aave (AAVE) is easily one of the most outstanding platforms in the cryptocurrency market, enjoying the trust of thousands for lending and borrowing purposes.

The coin, Aave (AAVE), was originally created on Ethereum and suited for tokens on the network utilizing the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain for its deals. However, today, Aave is now available on other platforms, including Fantom(FTM), Avalanche (AVA), and Harmony (ONE).

As a user, you get to earn interest from lending your crypto, so with Aave, there’s a seamless passive income stream that is  both steady and safe. And as a lender, you don’t have to deal with financial intermediaries or third parties. This is because Aave is a decentralized network that makes the whole lending process much easier and faster. Today, Aave sells for $84.18 and has consistently tried to keep afloat and weather the effects of the crypto collapse.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG)

Big Eyes (BIG) is a community token on a mission to spread wealth into the cryptocurrency market while protecting a core part of the planet’s ecosystem. BIG is on a different standard of its own as it imports cat’s traits into its utilities. It is a full-on coin aimed at transferring wealth to the cryptocurrency market while joining efforts to salvage our oceans and water bodies. Mainly, BIG token serves to generate income for its growing communities and for charity purposes.

The network features the Big Eyes Sushi Crew club, designed especially for persons with large eyes. This club is committed to gathering the top ten NFT projects to inject inclusivity into their annual NFT events.

Big Eyes also promotes hypergrowth by utilizing NFTs to enable access to relevant opportunities and events. Its activities align with concerted efforts on climate action as it attempts to protect aquatic life as a necessary part of our efforts to save the planet. Big Eyes features a dynamic tax system that enables it to embark on sensitive projects such as auto burn, LP acquisition and Marketing Wallet to the operations.

Many factors make Big Eyes (BIG) stand out in the cryptocurrency market. One, it has a valuable community that keeps getting bigger every day. It focuses on community-building efforts and is intentional about putting more effort into reaching out to its members. It boasts millions of dedicated and energetic fanbase that remains a surplus to its initiatives. BIG is made for wide metaverse adoption in the metaverse.

Analysts have predicted that Big Eyes Coin (BIG) will potentially hit $50 million, boosting its cryptocurrency prices and making it a top contender in the meme ecosystem. You should purchase your Big Eyes presale here.

You can find out more information about Big Eyes (BIG) on this page.

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