Harnessing the Power of Bitcoin (BTC) Investments Against Inflation


In good times and bad, investors are always assessing where their money is most wisely invested to maximize the returns they are able to make. When economic turmoil results in high inflation, investors naturally want to ensure that their investments are at least able to hold their value. Historically, precious metals like gold and silver have been considered the safe haven for investments when investors want to see how the economy pans out for a while.

Crypto has provided investors with another choice of investments against inflation, with BTC being touted by many as an asset with similar qualities to gold. In fact, crypto offers many different investment choices favorable against inflation, and with the recent launch of a red-hot presale, Metacade is shaping up to be a chance to generate much more than just inflation-busting gains.

What is Metacade?

Metacade is a revolution in gaming, with the project using Web3 technology to create a community hub that empowers gamers to connect, collaborate and play in an incredible GameFi experience.

The Metacade platform will provide access to a broad range of play-to-earn titles for its users in an immersive experience that allows users to earn MCADE rewards across a variety of different actions, from playing games and community contributions all the way through the tournament prizes.

The Metacade team’s strategic plan shows a clear understanding of the future of GameFi and how best to build a gaming hub that is driven forward by the community around within it.

How Metacade works

Metacade has set out with a clear plan for how revenue can be generated by the project, ensuring that there are multiple revenue streams to support the project and future proof it. In addition to the pay-to-play gaming that users can experience like a real-world arcade, Metacade has outlined revenue streams like on-platform advertising and a launchpad on which external companies can launch their games.

Another very interesting component of the Metacade strategy is the launch of Metagrants, allowing game developers to pitch their projects to the community. MCADE token holders will then be able to vote on where they believe funding should be allocated, ensuring that the Metacade gaming portfolio continues to increase with games the gamers want. The current schedule outlines that the first project receiving Metagrant funding will be available through Metacade in Q1 of 2024.

Metacade has substantial plans to also extend into their Work2Earn initiative, providing working opportunities through job listings, internships and gig work in the GameFi industry. This supports the Metacade community by helping members further or begin their careers in Web3.

Is MCADE a sound investment against inflation?

The broad scope of activity in Metacade’s whitepaper shows such potential that the beta stage of the Metacade presale raised over $1.5 million in just five weeks, and the remainder of the presale stages are expected to sell out just as fast.

A major factor in the popularity of the project is how heavily used the MCADE token is across the platform. It is used for issuing rewards, staking, and as the fundamental medium of exchange. This means that for any value exchange on the platform, such as using the pay-to-play arcade, tournament entry, or even buying merchandise, MCADE will be used.

This heavy utilization guarantees one thing — that as the adoption of the platform increases, so will the demand for MCADE. This makes it a sensational choice of investment, as once the exciting roadmap begins making technical deliveries in the coming months, the price of MCADE can be expected to skyrocket.

Will MCADE outperform BTC as an investment against inflation?

BTC is considered the OG as far as crypto is concerned, and so naturally when investors think about crypto as a hedge against inflation, they usually talk about BTC. In reality, it’s crypto as an asset class that can protect against inflation rather than just BTC, and so this gives investors some flexibility as to where they invest.

While BTC has performed incredibly well over the last decade, its days of mind-blowing returns likely now in the past. In contrast, Metacade has incredible potential to return dramatic gains to those investors who are savvy enough to get in early and acquire their MCADE at discount prices.

So for all those investors looking now at the best investments against inflation, Metacade is an obvious choice. With so much potential it’s likely that investors will see bull market returns even in the midst of uncertainty elsewhere.

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