Binance introduces the first cryptocurrency vacations

The first-ever cryptocurrency-sponsored vacation, or “cryptotourism,” has been launched by Binance, the global blockchain company that runs the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world.

According to James Rothwell, vice president of marketing at Binance Global, “Cryptotourism makes international travel simpler and safer for everyone. Additionally, it is a cost-effective option because there are no fees, complete transaction transparency, or problems with exchange rates between different countries.

Binance has partnered with top travel influencers Lauren Bullen and Jack Morris on a global crypto-only scavenger hunt that includes giving away $50,000 in BNB for those who want to join the movement, demonstrating how effective, secure, and simple travel is in a web3 world when one forgoes traditional currency and globetrots exclusively using crypto.

The simplicity with which crypto may be used while travelling is evidence of the phenomenal mainstream adoption we are beginning to observe.

To support two lucky followers’ ambitions of cryptotourism, the pair will bury one Binance Gift Card worth $25,000 in BNB in each of their respective hidden locations.

Bullen and Morris will only book travel using cryptocurrency starting on World Tourism Day (September 27), as well as all goods and services, using Binance Pay, a contactless, borderless, and secure cryptocurrency payment technology, while also disseminating advice on how to make cryptotourism a reality for everyone.

Following a series of hints from @gypsea lust (Lauren), @jackmorris (Jack), and @binance, the winners will each receive $25,000 in BNB after the secret rewards have been found. If new Binance accounts are required, they will be activated.

“I enjoy exploring uncharted territory, and that’s precisely what crypto travel is. For those who enjoy travelling, this is simply the beginning of a whole new beautiful world “Bullen stated.

“I have devoted my life to travel, and it is a burden lifted to be able to do it without worrying about exchange rates or carrying actual cash,” remarked Morris. “Global travel doesn’t have to be prohibitively expensive or difficult, as some people believe. Additionally, we want to demonstrate to everyone how much simpler crypto travel is.”

In the wake of the pandemic, in addition to recent market volatility and geopolitical conflict, the travel industry has been hit particularly hard. Travel has not felt simple due to travel restrictions, flight cancellations, and large crowds. The initiative will show that travelling supported by cryptocurrency is not only possible, but also a more practical method to see the world.

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  • Binance introduces the first cryptocurrency vacations
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