Bitcoin Mining is Still A Major Concern

Bitcoin is performing quite better in its price that boosted the confidence of many crypto investors. Still, with the most traded cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, the difficult part is its mining. As an estimate indicates that the next Bitcoin mining difficulty will show a jump of almost 10 %.

The winter storm in the United States may be stopped but the hashrate is coming back online. And additionally deployments of newer, more efficient machines appear to justify the huge increase.

And this weekend the Bitcoin miners are almost ready for a huge jump in difficulty. The increase could be somewhere around 10% as estimated by some of the Bitcoin mining companies.

Difficulty can be understood by the complexity of the computational process behind mining. This adjusts almost every two weeks based on the average block time.

According to, difficulty fell 3.59% in the last update which seems like following a winter storm that led a number of miners to power down. Or may be due to price incentives or requests from grid operators.

Now a lot of that hashrate seems to have gone back online, along with newly deployed and more efficient machines.

Daniel Frumkin, Director of Research at Braiins said “It’s a combination of the institutional miners scaling a bit over that longer time period, and some positive variance.

“But due to the winter storm, we wouldn’t have seen any of that in the previous epoch, meaning that we are now seeing ~3 weeks of deployments rather than just one,” Frumkin said.

Additionally, Companies like Marathon and Hive Blockchain have been continually deploying efficient machines like S19 XPs and blockscale BuzzMiners. “There’s probably a good bit of positive luck by pools in aggregate that’s contributing to this large adjustment,” Frumkin further said.

Moreover, Hive blockchain has installed new chips from Intel on its miners. A distinctive feature of the chip is that it allows mining companies to develop devices in accordance with their own specifications and improve the effectiveness of the miner as a whole.

According to Glassnode — the leading blockchain data and intelligence platform, noted that Bitcoin Miners’ Netflow Volume (7d MA) just reached a 1-month low of -30.921 BTC. And Previous 1-month low of -29.686 BTC was observed on 14 January 2023.

Amid the present macroeconomic backdrop, rising interest rates, reduced liquidity and waning risk assets, it’s high time for the crypto industry to take the prior steps. So that this volatility and incorporating financial tools will create sustainability and certainty. It is the appropriate behavior of any fiduciary running a Bitcoin mining firm.

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