These Bitgert Products Are Making $BRISE The Next Bitcoin In 2023

2023 will definitely be a big year for the Bitgert community. The Brise developers have so much in store for the community, looking at the roadmap milestones the team is delivering this year. Important to note are the many products that Brise is planning to release in 2023.

There are also highly disruptive products the team has delivered in the past few months that crypto analysts believe will play a significant role in making $BRISE the next Bitcoin in 2023. Here are some of the major Bitgert products that might explode $BRISE in 2023:


Bitgert Zero Gas Fee Blockchain

The BRC20 blockchain remains one of the most significant products in the market this year. The zero gas fee and the 100,000 transactions per second make it one of the best blockchains in the market. This chain is also the most secure. Therefore, it is projected to remain the most adopted blockchain this year.


Zero Trading Exchange

The Bitgert CEX launched early last month as a web version, and the team is working on the Android version before the end of this year. However, it is the zero trading fee that is expected to explode the adoption of this centralized exchange. Therefore, the exchange will be key in making Bitgert the next Bitcoin.


Bitgert Payment Gateway – Paybrise

Paybrise is another product that launched last month and is expected to do well this year. The payment gateway is also in use on WordPress, and the next big platform will be Shopify, which has its plug-in going live before the end of this week. Paybrise is going to skyrocket the adoption of $BRISE in the real-world financial market.


Bitgert Decentralized Marketplaces

This is one of the biggest products that the Bitgert team is working on right now. The decentralized marketplace will be one of the most adopted Brise products upon launching. This means high demand for the Brise coin. That’s how BRISE will become the next Bitcoin.


Bitgert Web3 Oracle and Decentralized Freelancer

These are two major products the Bitgert team will start working on later this year, but they have many crypto analysts talking. The hype they will add to the coin when their development is announced will be huge.

In conclusion, the Bitgert project has got massive developments coming this year that have the potential to make it the next bitcoin. Therefore, Bitgert is one of the best coins to watch in 2023 and might be the most rewarding coin this year.

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