Hamden Receives $425K In Federal Funds For Energy Efficiency Project

HAMDEN, CT — Hamden will receive $425,000 in federal funds for an energy efficiency project at town’s Government Center, U.S. Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro announced.

DeLauro (D-3) held a news conference Friday to celebrate the $425,000 in community project funding for the Town of Hamden’s Energy Efficiency System that she secured as part of the recently passed government funding bill.

The project will replace HVAC units and controls currently in service at the Town of Hamden Government Center to improve energy efficiency and reduce the Town’s carbon footprint, according to a news release.

“This Community Project Funding is a win for the people of Hamden,” DeLauro said in a statement. “It is a win for the town employees who will enjoy a more comfortable working environment. And it is a win for our ongoing efforts to address the threats of climate change while lowering energy costs.

“I am so proud that our joint efforts allowed to make this day possible – and provide the upgrades to continue improving the Town of Hamden. I brought back Community Project Funding for the first time in 10 years to respond to the most pressing needs of our community. This Community Project Funding is a testament to all of the hard work that has come from the town, our municipal engineers, and Hamden STEM students who are committed to delivering this project that will replace the 20-year-old HVAC technology that will ultimately translate to significant energy savings for the town.”

Mayor Lauren Garrett said the funding will help support the town’s efforts to “reduce our carbon footprint and create a more sustainable environment.”

“The energy efficiency updates to our government center will replace equipment that was at the end of its life and reduce our energy use by 25 percent,” Garrett said. “The funding provided by Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro makes this project possible so that we do not have to go to the taxpayers for this funding. This project is made possible in collaboration with our Town Engineer Stephen White; Superintendent of Buildings Paul Coleman; and Hamden High School student interns from the Hamden Engineering Careers Academy (HECA) program, Alexi Clouse and Ishnan Khan. We are fortunate to have Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro working hard to get our residents and the Town of Hamden the resources we need.”

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“We are extremely thankful that Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro was able to secure funding for this project,” Town Engineer Stephen White said. “The project will replace HVAC units and controls at the Town of Hamden Government Center. Most units are at the end of their operational lifespan (20 years). Improvements made in HVAC technology in the past 20 years will translate to significant energy savings for the Town. Upgrading will result in approximately 25 percent energy savings, or a reduction in carbon emissions of at least 10 tons per year. This project compliments another Town Project that will renovate the exterior of the building, which will provide even more energy and operational cost savings for the Town. With Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro’s support and advocacy, the Town is able to accomplish this project with a significantly lower impact on the Town’s budget. The Engineering Department is excited that we are working on this project with interns from Hamden High School’s HECA Program (Hamden Engineering Careers Academy). Our interns Alexi Clouse and Ishnan Khan have worked hard to draft the existing conditions and help start our design process. We are excited to continue working with them.”

“It takes a great team of brilliant people to make a project come together,” Hamden Engineering Careers Academy Program Student Alexi Clouse said. “HECA greatly helped me improve my skills and allowed me to be successful during my internship. I am glad to have experience working on real world problems,” said

Hamden Engineering Careers Academy Program Student Ishnan Khan said, “I believe everyone needs to follow the path that leads to their passions, no matter how challenging or unique. Both HECA and this apprenticeship prepared me for the real world and inspired me to continue on my own journey. Truly grateful for this opportunity to serve my town.”

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