Hannah Gibson of Gibson’s Produce and Pumpkin Patch raises funds for Humane Society of Mercer County

HERMITAGE, Pa. (WKBN) — Gibson’s Produce and Pumpkin Patch is ready to make a difference this fall.

The 150-acre farm has been a part of the Gibson family for over 150 years. It’s now run by Kristy Gibson, her husband and their two children. She said the community is like family.

“Hear stories about they were brought here when they were young, now they’re bringing their kids. It’s just a really nice opportunity to talk with people,” Kristy Gibson said.

Despite rising costs, keeping prices reasonable is an important value to Gibson because she knows how expensive raising children is.

Her 12-year-old daughter Hannah has her own stand that supports the Humane Society of Mercer County and the the Pennsylvania Great Dane Rehab and Rescue. She sells apples, homemade potholders, and bracelets.

“If you can help them buy cat litter, food, anything else that they might need. Any vet bills that they might have to pay out if anybody has an expensive surgery,” Hannah Gibson said.

Hannah Gibson has a passion for helping animals. Her stand is already making a huge impact in the community — last year, she raised around $6,000 for a Great Dane’s surgery.

“He’s completely blind, he did have a little bit of vision – it was called tunnel vision – and so he could see a little bit. But then in the winter he had a seizure and so now he can’t see at all,” Hannah Gibson said.

Every Sunday, the animal rescue centers take turns hosting a stand to raise funds for the animals.

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