Alternative Investment

Global hunger is growing. The world’s fractured food system needs a new kind of investment

As African Presidents, agri-businesses, tech entrepreneurs, investors and philanthropists come together in Kigali this week at the AGRF food and agriculture summit, the world is hungrier than it has been in years.

2014 saw the number of people affected by hunger beginning to slowly increase, for the first time in decades. The last two years have seen that slow rise gather pace – around 3bn people worldwide can no longer afford healthy diets. The world has moved backwards in its efforts to end hunger, food insecurity and malnutrition.   

Whilst much has been written about the impacts of Covid-19 and the Ukraine invasion as causes of our current food security situation, this is not a crisis of the last two-to-three years alone. This is a crisis whose roots were apparent as far back as 2006-08, when three decades of steadily declining food prices were brought dramatically to a halt. Then, much like today, the world saw dramatic food price surges, food stock declines, and spiralling energy costs. Events of the past two years have exposed the fragility of our food systems.

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