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Harrison Shaw pictured outside Marks-Art Gallery

Harrison Shaw pictured outside Marks-Art Gallery The Invisible Financial Crash –   Written by Lucy Copperfield

Lately speaking to my parents they have told me that they are scared of watching the news or read newspapers and that brought me to a part of my thought trail of how actually bad the economy is, as a journalist I’m always looking everywhere for the next best story or current trends in the market but for the first time in my life I had the biggest reality check and life humbled me and slowed me in my tracks after hearing this from my own parents that are loyal constituents to their local party in their area that they have put their trust to secure the rest of their retirement.

So, this got me thinking, whilst we the people of the United Kingdom, hardworking taxpayers and contributors to the economy and government laws, why are we in such a position where the elderly and venerable are in such a position of fear after spending decades build our country and economy in to the powerhouse it is, no matter how great or small the contribution was through their line of work.

There has been a name flying around in recent years that has some controversy around it as he is blatantly saying in the bluntest way possible to get out of your high street banks and normal Bank/Bond based investments and get into physical asset backed investments such as his genrè of work which is ‘Investment Grade Art’

His name is Mr Harrison Shaw, and he works for the infamous Mark’s Art Gallery based in South Kensington London, I had a chance to speak to him at their offices in London and what a pleasant surprise when speaking to an investment broker you would think they are anything but humble and truthful and in fear for others more than lining their own pockets with huge bonuses.

I told Mr Shaw what my parents said, and he told me that this is a constant and frequent thing he is hearing from his clients on an everyday basis, he also spoke about the truth about the current markets from a perspective of knowledge and education in the field, in Lehman terms he issued me a warning of what’s to come depending on who is going to be Prime Minister which I will not share as I like to stay out of picking sides on political agendas and to be unbiased but there is major truth in to the statistics on what he has said and huge corporations like Chase bank have openly said the U.K economy is in a fragile position and it looks like this Egging on of what’s been going on in Ukraine Vs Russia has been the perfect picture resemblance of throwing an egg in the air and having it break on your own face, the same way Brexit did with the economy and how the price of living was already increased since 2016 then corona virus and now this war in Europe, Chase Bank followed by saying that they predict inflation levels at the beginning of 2023 will be in the region of 22% if things don’t get fixed now.


Mr shaw explained to me how clients have temporarily moved the majority of their investments in to the Physical Commodity market like ART – WINE -WHISKY – GOLD- and how Art has been contributing to staying afloat in such a horrendous market and creating profit levels of over 25% in just one year with smaller paintings and bigger more famous artists are generating clients 300-400% return upon sale in auction houses like some of the artist he has commissioned at Marks-Art Gallery like the Michael Basura, D-Wizz, Andy Warhol, Mrs Banksy and so on.

His last piece of advice was to quickly take your money out of your banks and investments that are providing anything less than 10-15% annually and either put the cash under your beds in a shoe box or look in the alternative market, following his advice I went and told my parents and they purchased their first piece of art from Harrison and they are excited to see what the future will hold with something they can hang on their walls and enjoy whilst its bringing them in a healthy profit.

For more information on how the art world works check their website out and request to speak to Mr Shaw personally for a free consultation on how the process works and see if it’s for you!

There might just be a little bit of light at the end of this horror story. where you will find all the contact information numbers and emails.

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