Hot Springs mayor addresses plans for funds procured from caboose sale

The town of Hot Springs sold "the caboose" in July to Cindy and Steve DuBose for $8,600. The town plans to use those funds for repairs to the Hot Springs Community Center, according to Mayor Abby Norton.

HOT SPRINGS – In small towns like Hot Springs, well-known landmarks are often given short, easily identifiable nicknames, such as “the caboose,” which was a symbol of the town for many years.

Earlier this year, the Hot Springs Town Board of Aldermen sold the caboose, originally gifted to the town by the Southern Railroad, for $8,600. The caboose was sold to real estate company Mountain Home Properties owners Cindy and Steve DuBose, according to Mayor Abby Norton. 

The town plans to move the funds from the sale to its General Fund to be allocated for repairs to the town’s community center, which is not in use because of the needed repairs.

“I would like to have some sort of renovation committee to help in the planning of renovating the community center,” board member Jeanne Caldwell Gentry said. 

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