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KEY Investment Partners offers free white paper analyzing U.S. cannabis industry

KEY Investment Partners believes the United States cannabis market can offer some of the most lucrative investment opportunities in a generation.

On Monday, the investment management firm announced the publication of a freely downloadable white paper analyzing the rapid growth of the American cannabis sector in recent years.

“Cannabis 2.0: Investing in Today’s Regulated Industry” covers topics such as shifting U.S. politics, unique characteristics of the industry for investment opportunities, public cannabis markets today and the lasting impact of the war on drugs.

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“Two-thirds of Americans now have legal access to cannabis, and although there are still some political obstacles it now seems more inevitable than ever that federal cannabis reform is only a matter of time,” said Tiby Erdely, a founding partner at KEY Investment Partners.

“The acceptance and adoption of cannabis has reached a tipping point, and the industry is maturing to appeal to a broader section of the population. We believe this and other factors all contribute to a continued positive future for investments in the cannabis space.”

The investment firm says the white paper accurately outlines the traits of the U.S. market along with noteworthy advantages of investing in American cannabis companies in comparison to other so-called alternative investments. The firm also says a combination of inevitable federal legalization, forecasted growth of the industry and a large funding gap in the market will enable investors to “achieve superior risk-adjusted returns compared to other asset classes.”

KEY Investment Partners now offering free white paper analyzing U.S. cannabis industry

Photo via KEY Investment Partners.

KEY Investment Partners was founded in 2018, is headquartered in Denver and is solely concerned with the cannabis industry. The company also focuses on offering growth capital to cannabis companies in their infancy stages.


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