Lorde Revives Unreleased ‘Melodrama’ Track ‘Precious Metals’ During ‘Solar Power’ Tour Stop – Rolling Stone

Melodrama (Deluxe Edition)

The singer last performed the scrapped song in 2018

Lorde may have long moved on to the waves-crashing-on-a-beach serenity of her third studio album Solar Power, but during the latest stop on her tour supporting the record, the singer revived an old song that was cut from Melodrama.

Lorde revived the Jack Antonoff-produced “Precious Metals,” which she last performed when she originally debuted the song during a tour stop in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, back in 2018. This time, she shared the track with an audience in Uncasville, Connecticut.

Apart from a few tweaks that could have been possible lyrical errors in the first place, “Precious Metals” remains in the same form it did four years ago.

But Lorde blowing the dust off of the track isn’t entirely random.

In a recent email to her fans (her preferred way of off-the-grid communication), the singer wrote: “I’m psyched to be getting the band back together, literally AND figuratively, lol!! Playing around with the setlist at the moment – if you’re coming, wanna reply to this email with a song request? Something you genuinely wanna hear?? Let’s have fun!”

So while a proper release of “Precious Metals” is unlikely so far out of the scope of a time where a deluxe version of a five-year-old album would make sense, it just goes to show: you can take the girl out of the Melodrama era, but you can’t take the Melodrama out of the girl.

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