Askari Metals identifies rare earth potential at Barrow Creek

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Askari Metals Limited has announced results of the recently completed field reconnaissance program at the company’s 100% owned Barrow Creek Lithium project in the Central Northern Territory’s Arunta Pegmatite Province.

The programme targeted an area in the south-central part of the project and was aimed at pegmatites previously untested for lithium mineralisation but with lithologies analogous to those in the north-west and south-east area of the Barrow Creek project.

The company has identified fertile LCT pegmatite in these analogous areas stretching over 4.8 km by 3.8 km, as well as an anomalous area in the south-east revealing lithium grades of up to 212 ppm Li (456 ppm Li2O).

Results from the programme identified proceptivity for rare earth elements (REE), with total rare earth oxide (TREO) results of up to 4553 ppm. The highly anomalous REE results are very encouraging, especially at a time when the world is facing REE supply deficits and supply chain issues.

Commenting on the results, VP-Exploration & Geology, Mr Johan Lambrechts, stated:

“The potential represented by these total rare earth oxide results is very exciting to the company and will be followed up as soon as possible.

“One regularly reads about results in the one to two thousand ppm TREO range, but to have one result at 4553 ppm TREO and another at 2143 ppm TREO is extraordinary, especially considering rare earth elements were not the target of work being conducted.

“It demonstrates the company’s ability and focus to identify and extract potential for shareholders from every aspect of our work.

“The Barrow Creek project still has a lithium focus, but we will now widen our radar to include rare earth elements here as well.

“The company looks forward to providing our shareholders with further updates as our exploration activities continue.”

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