Best Sigils & How To Unlock Them

Metal Hellsinger is one of those games that makes everything challenging for players, but adding rhythm to the gameplay makes things much more enjoyable. Like Doom, the fluid combat, and the overwhelming enemy hordes descending on players, give the game an edge over others. Metal Hellsinger can be hard to play, and things can get out of hand, just like the games out there with fast-paced action. Rhythm games make it easier for players in many ways. For example, Bullets Per Minute uses abilities that make gameplay a lot more manageable.

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However, Metal Hellsinger is a hard game, even on the easier difficulties. The good thing is the game uses perks, or rather, sigils. This gives the players added benefits, like more damage, more bullets, and all things that make it easier to play. In a game like Metal Hellsinger, players will need all the help they can get in order to beat the waves of demons dropping in on them. This list will not only show fans what the best sigils are but also how to get them.


5/5 Streak Guardian

Keeping and holding a streak is massively important in rhythm games because they help keep the momentum, and when players are able to do that, they get better. Streak Guardian is a sigil just for that, and getting it is pretty straightforward. In Metal Hellsinger, players need to complete totems in order to get the sigil, and each has challenges that they need to do in order to complete the totem to get awarded a sigil. For the Streak Guardian, all players need to do is kill demons. Fans get ten seconds to do so, but the more demons they kill add three to five seconds to their time, so they can complete the challenge.

Streak Guardian is a great sigil right out the gate, and the one players can get early on because it allows players to keep the streak. Since players can take more damage, they can get a high score easier. The best thing about this sigil is that it encourages players to get better while having that safety net.

4/5 Ghost Rounds

In order to keep up the momentum, players need to reload as little as possible or time it right. This can be helped by the Ghost Rounds sigil, and how it works is kind of neat as well. When players switch to their other weapon, meaning not Paz or Unknown’s sword, but the other gun players take with them, won’t have players use live rounds till after the first few shots. This makes shooting quicker and taking down enemies more consistent. However, in order for this to work, the second weapon has to be full already, so if players reload the first gun they use, then switch to the second gun, they’ll have one less reload, allowing them to be more aggressive.

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Getting this sigil is quite challenging but fun at the same time. Its totem requires players to kill fifty demons in thirty seconds and earn five to seven seconds per demon. The challenge is that players don’t deal as much damage unless they pick a buff, which doesn’t respawn and is scattered around through the challenge. However, the buffs are the only way to charge the ultimate, and also increase damage, so players need to use them sparingly.

3/5 Unyielding Fury

Since players can carry two sigils with them during the level, Unyielding Fury goes well with Streak Guardian. Even though many games like Metal Hellsinger encourage players to stay on beat, this sigil allows them to do that much easier. Because when players get hit, they’ll lose their streak, or the gauge goes down. However, Unyielding Fury allows players to get hit and also not lose a streak if they’re at the four-kill streak level. This gives them more of a fighting chance, and in turn, can make the harder levels a lot easier to play.

As mentioned before, pairing this sigil with Streak Guardian can make the kill-streaks go down less, meaning the players will be able to hear to vocals of the songs more, which is one of the best aspects of Metal Hellsinger. To get this sigil, the totem for it will have players sweating, because it requires them to kill elite demons in the first two stages, and a mixture of all of them in the third level. Just like other totems, it’s timed. Players will have forty-five seconds as well as between fifteen seconds and twenty-five seconds per kill. The twist is that headshots matter, and count towards the score, so players will need to use weapons that can take enemies down faster that way.

2/5 Last Breath

The Last Breath sigil is pretty important in a game like Metal Hellsinger because it gives players a fighting chance right as they are about to die. When they drop to less than half health, the player’s attack damage goes up by 100%, allowing them to take down the bigger enemies quicker. The trade-off is that since most basic enemies become one-hit, they won’t be executable for health, making it harder to get health.

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However, while they won’t drop health as much, this sigil helps players clear rooms in no time, and paring it with The Hounds, which are dual pistols and the best guns in the game, will make the player unstoppable. The torment for this sigil requires players to use the ultimates for the sword, Paz, and the shotgun, but as the level progress, they’ll have more options to use. They will have thirty seconds to kill the demons, using only ultimates, and they’ll get rewarded with anywhere between seven and fifteen seconds. However, the twist is that the ultimates refill the timer, so players need to use them a lot.

1/5 The Perfectionist

As mentioned before, Metal Hellsinger is all about staying on beat, and staying with the rhythm of the song is important because there’s more damage when they do so. The Perfectionist sigil encourages players to keep on the beat more. If they have this sigil equipped, every beat they hit perfectly, the fury increases by ten percent. When that happens, the multiplier goes up faster making the player get better scores, and faster. This means they’ll be able to get kill streaks a lot quicker because now everything is doubled when players go on the offense.

Once players figure out the momentum of Metal Hellsinger, getting those perfect shots comes with ease, making this sigil valuable. To get this sigil players need to get slaughter kills, and they need to kill twenty-five demons in twenty seconds that way as well. But for every slaughter kill, players will be given ten seconds per slaughter, so the point of this totem is just to get those types of kills. The best way to do so is the shotgun and from a distance. On top of that, this totem also helps players with getting the perfect rating a lot more, and that makes Metal Hellsinger an easier game to play.

Metal Hellsinger is available now on Xbox Series X/S, PS5, and PC.

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