Now get gold and other precious metals tested in one day at new facility in Dubai

Al Harmoodi said all services offered will be in line with international best practices, and with accuracy and high efficiency, maintaining Dubai’s leading position and its reputation globally.

She added: “Through the MoU with [DGJG], Dubai Municipality is keen to lay the foundations for joint strategic cooperation and to enhance cooperation between the two parties in the future in the field of precious metals testing and its requirements.”

She said the Municipality will also enhance its services by benefiting from the group’s expertise in this field, in addition to regulating the legal procedures in force, according to institutional frameworks consistent with the obligations and competencies of the two parties.

Hind Mahmoud Mahaba, acting director of the Dubai Central Laboratory Department, said that as per the MoU, the Municipality will offer gold pyrolysis service using cutting-edge technological tools that are created in accordance with international best practises, which are characterised by speed and accuracy.

“Customers, including gold merchants and individuals, will benefit from the procedures, as a special location will be set aside in the Gold Souq for receiving gold samples, eliminating the need for the customer to transport samples to the Dubai Central Laboratory in Karama,” she added.

“Customers will be able to acquire test reports from this advanced service in one working day instead of seven working days. It will enhance the quality of gold and jewellery trade in Dubai markets,” Mahaba said.

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