Preliminary exploration establishes potential areas for gold, lithium & other rare metals in Bihar

Upbeat over the findings of preliminary exploration which established potential areas for gold, lithium, magnetite, coal and several other rare metals in different parts of Bihar, the state government has decided to go for further exploration of the mineralised zones, an official said.

On the basis of the findings of preliminary exploration for gold around Ajaynagar in Gaya, three significant mineralized zones have been delineated for further examination, the official said.

”Detailed geological mapping of 1 sqkm has been completed in Ajaynagar block. A total of 535 m drilling against a 500 m target has also been achieved in the area. The block and identified mineralised zones appear to be promising as per preliminary results. ”Analysis of the samples collected from the area has been expedited to ascertain the potential auriferous zones, if present”, said a senior official of the Mines and Geology Department of Bihar government.

The reconnaissance survey for ‘Lithium’ and associated strategic minerals in and around Parmania-Tetariya area in Jamui district has also indicated that the block is ‘promising’ and may be taken for an advanced programme, the official said. ”During the field work more than 30 pegmatites were mapped. Dimensions of the pegmatite range from 15 m to 16 m in width and a few metres to 370 m in length within mica-gneiss and mica schist. The values for total rare earth materials range from a minimum of 338.06 ppm to 49958.46 ppm. The area requires advanced exploration for further analysis”, said the official.

Commenting on the findings of preliminary exploration, Additional Chief Secretary-cum-Mines Commissioner (Bihar), Harjot Kaur Bamhrah told PTI: ”It is true that the preliminary exploration has established the potential areas for gold, lithium, magnetite, coal and several other rare metals in certain parts of the state.” The additional chief secretary said ”We are working to engage concerned agencies for advanced exploration in these areas. Three mineralized zones have been delineated in Ajaynagar (Gaya) for further examination on the basis of the findings of preliminary exploration for gold in the area” ”Preliminary exploration for assessment of rare earth materials, fireclay and aluminous laterite in Batesarthan – Kasri -Jagarnathpur Block in Bhagalpur district revealed that intersection of dark grey coloured shale with patches of coal, is opening the new vistas for coal exploration. Samples have been sent for further analysis”, the official said.

As far as Magnetite’s reserve is concerned, preliminary investigation was carried out in Patalganga and East of Sapneri villages in Gaya and Jehanabad districts, the official said, adding, With information about the shape, size, structure and grade of the deposit the resource is categorized under 332 (indicated Mineral Resource).

Besides, there are several other potential areas in Rohtas and Kaimur for Bauxite, Silica Sand and Limestone, around Chotanagpur gneissic complex for Base metal, gold, nickel, chromium and Bhagalpur which could be taken up as future investigation programmes. ”The findings of coal seams around Bateshwarsthan have extended the occurrence of coal up to river ganga near Kahalgaon which is a significant finding for initiation of coal investigation west of Pirpainti,” the official added.

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