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New London based app aims to “change the alternative investment universe”

Ctrl Alt, an app that enables investments in alternative assets with as little as £10, will launch on November 17, it was announced today.

Founded by an experienced team of financial services and technology experts, London based Ctrl Alt is set to “change the alternative investment universe” by providing its users access to assets that have so far been available to only the wealthiest in society.

Matt Ong, founder and chief executive officer of Ctrl Alt, commented: “I’m thrilled to be publicly launching Ctrl Alt, one of the first regulatory compliant platforms of its kind. At the heart of Ctrl Alt is our innovative technology and structure, built with years of expertise and most importantly, with our end user at its core.

“We’re on a mission to open up the previously exclusive world of alternatives and challenge the notion of ownership. Now more than ever, investment opportunities must diversify and provide access.”

The free-to-use app allows its users to access alternative assets like property, sustainability projects and more by purchasing digital shares that have legal recourse to the underlying asset.

By leveraging its partnership with blockchain partner Algorand, the app is able to take full advantage of a digital format that is “operationally efficient, secure and transferable”.

Ctrl Alt has already tokenised its first asset in the summer amongst its Beta community. With this, Ctrl Alt has become one of the first in the industry to tokenise a house, demonstrating the ability of its framework and the technology it is built on, while also challenging the traditional ways and capital needed to invest in alternatives.

The platform launches with a holiday home-rental asset from its partner The Tiny Housing Co, the developers of “eco-friendly, off-grid homes”. These one or two bedroom houses are making the ever growing Tiny Home / alternative living movement possible.

Built using sustainable materials, costing between £50k and £70k. Investors will be able to own a share of a holiday with “strong returns”. In the pipeline are other assets, including a “novel sustainability project” in the UK.

By Matthew Neville – Correspondent, Bdaily

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