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Today we have a government that forces us to account to it for how we spend our money but refuses to be accountable for how it spends our money.

We have borrowed money we do not have to fund what I view as a corrupt Ukrainian regime. Since President Joe Biden took office, we have committed billions in security assistance to Ukraine, with no sign of slowing down.

A single “aid” package in May totaled about $40 billion in military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine. That is roughly the same as the portion of the Illinois budget that comes from general revenue funds and covers the operation of roads, schools and other services in that state.

Can you imagine the good we could accomplish in our own country — in our own communities — with that money? Imagine the infrastructure improvements, job creation and borders that could be secured.

Instead, I believe that we are actively exacerbating and perpetuating a regional conflict that does not concern U.S. sovereignty or security. By actively taking sides, I believe we are less secure than ever before.

In my view, the economic and energy ramifications of European Union and U.S. support to Ukraine is crippling the global economy and putting millions of lives at risk. Winter is coming, both literally and metaphorically, and the world governments are waging a war on energy.

Affordable and accessible energy is key to world peace and prosperity. The commonwealth of Pennsylvania is essentially the Saudi Arabia of natural gas. It is unfathomable that we are not living with cheap energy and using our God-given natural resources. We can seemingly build export lines to liquid natural gas facilities, but not to Pennsylvania consumers. Make America great again.

Francis Rauch

Warwick Township

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