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SALEM — The Salem Utilities Commission has received a $221,094 grant from the Ohio Governor’s Office of Appalachia.

The grant will be used to pay a portion of the cost of the water treatment plant’s phase one improvements, which have a total estimated cost of approximately $4.5 million. The rest of the funds will be sourced through a loan from the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency Drinking Water Assistance Fund. The city has already been approved and is on the agenda to receive the loan for up to $15,536,745.

The commission also discussed the plan to install three SolarBees in the East Cold Run Reservoir and two in the Spring Valley Reservoir, noting that it is awaiting final review by engineers from the Ohio EPA, following which the project would be ready to go for bid.

It was also announced that the final design improvement meeting for phase three was held Nov. 15 and the final package will go to bid Nov. 30.

The cleaning of the Stewart Road Reservoir by Liquid Engineering will be delayed until spring, as the company’s six certified dive teams have been reduced to only a single team, according to an email received by Utilities Superintendent Don Weingart. In response, Commission Chairman Bob Hodgson requested the department research other companies in the area which could possibly conduct the cleaning so the city would have a backup in the event of further delay.

Hodgson also announced that he had been informed by Robert Schreiner of Burgess and Niple that due to an error with the original estimate for the cost of the East Cold Run Reservoir RIP-RAPS the original price estimate of approximately $500,000 had doubled.

The department was awarded a grant from the Governor’s Office of Appalachia for approximately $236,000 for this project; however, the remainder of the cost will have to be paid through department funds.

The authorization and acceptance of the consent decree between the city of Salem and the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which has completed its 30-day comment period, had no arguments against the decree. As a result the lawsuit against the city was officially concluded.

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