Secure minerals and metals supply chains vital for climate

G. Ivan Maldonado

At a time of economic uncertainty, enactment of climate legislation as part of the Inflation Reduction Act has given companies an incentive to invest in green technologies.  But money alone won’t eliminate an enormous hurdle to accelerating the use of electric vehicles and America’s energy transition. We need to scale up mining and minerals supply chains to meet the massive surge in demand for the materials needed for this industrial pivot.

The United States has abundant mineral resources beneath the ground, from lithium in Nevada to nickel in Minnesota, cobalt in Idaho, graphite in Alaska and copper in Arizona. But we need to make greater use of our own raw materials instead of relying on imports from hostile countries like China and Russia. Right now, nothing seems more important in the battle against global warming than providing a secure supply of critically important minerals and metals used in making a wide range of products, including electric car batteries, transmission systems, wind turbines and solar cells.

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