TDC grants funds for Lafayette Pier damages

APALACHICOLA, Fla. (WMBB) — The Lafayette Pier was damaged during Hurricane Michael back in 2018.

Franklin County finally found the funds to fix it and reopen it to the public.

The Lafayette Pier in Franklin County reopened for locals and visitors last week. The $27,000 project was fully funded by the Tourism Development Council.

“It was damaged during Hurricane Michael and the city was unable to get it repaired so the TDC stepped in and requested the county to pay as a reimbursement to have the pier fixed and last week it got completed,” Franklin County TDC Director John Solomon said.

Lafayette Park has become a popular attraction, and the addition of the new pier will now add a new feature.

“Before the improvements were done there wasn’t anything there, it was just the end of the pier, it was just the end of the dock,” Solomon said. “Now there’s a big structure down there that’s covered that has places where people can fish off of, just relax and enjoy birding or just enjoy the area itself.”

Solomon said he has taken the time to enjoy the pier himself and is excited the TDC completed this project.

Franklin County and the surrounding areas, like St. George Island, have always attracted tourists, and despite the difficulties of recent events, the tourists never stopped coming.

“Tourists that were coming here since Hurricane Michael since the COVID pandemic, it’s been a nice breath of fresh air in Franklin County because our tourism numbers never did drop,” Solomon said. “They always stayed consistent and on the rise and that provided jobs and places for people to live. Without the tourism, I don’t know how we would have survived after Hurricane Michael and the pandemic”

The best part is, the pier activities are free.

“No park fees, no fees to go down the pier, fish off the pier, or do anything,” Solomon said. “This is a public space.”

If you have any other project ideas or want to see improvements in Franklin County, director John Solomon said to call the TDC.

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