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Lazard Asset Management

This week, Lazard Asset
has launched the Lazard Thematic Inflation
Opportunities Fund, designed to benefit from the structural shift
to a higher inflationary environment.

Managed by Steve Wreford, John King and Nicholas Bratt, LTIO is
based on five to eight themes and comprises 40 to 80 underlying
equity holdings, each with a market capitalisation of around $1
billion or more, the firm said in a statement. 

LTIO said it follows the philosophy of the Lazard Global Thematic
Equity strategy, launched in 2003, which was one of the world’s
first thematic equity investment offerings.

LTIO’s themes are affected by the investment team’s global
framework for structural inflation, a series of considerations
intended to capture the primary causes and effects of the
structural shift to a higher inflationary environment. 

The framework’s considerations identify the investment
implications of emerging inflection points in monetary policy,
fiscal policy, and demographics. These drivers may lead to
cost-push and demand-pull inflation for companies and consumers
across numerous industries.

The investment process also incorporates environmental, social
and governance considerations in a manner designed to enhance
long-term returns and minimise unintended risks.

“The world is undergoing important shifts in demographics as well
as monetary and fiscal policy, which could fuel structurally
higher inflation that is currently not reflected by market
consensus,” said Steve Wreford, portfolio manager on the Lazard
Global Thematic Equity Team.

“Against this backdrop, there is a strong need for strategies
designed to help clients mitigate the risks and capture the
potential investment opportunities of inflation. LTIO can help
investors target the drivers and outcomes of inflation through
diversification between themes and across time horizons, unlike
single-theme strategies,” he added.

“Clients require forward-facing solutions to navigate the
challenges and capitalise on the investment opportunities created
by rising inflation,” Jeremy Taylor, chief executive officer of
LAML, said.

“Lazard has spent nearly two decades identifying structural and
secular changes in the global economy and investing in companies
that stand to benefit from those forces, including inflation. The
launch of LTIO builds on this successful approach,” he

An indirect subsidiary of Lazard Ltd (NYSE: LAZ), LAM, the fund’s
investment manager, offers a range of equity, fixed-income,
and alternative investment products worldwide. As of 30
June 2022, LAM and affiliated asset management
companies in the Lazard Group managed $217 billion worth of
client assets.

Legal & General Investment Management   

Legal & General Investment Management
has expanded its
Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) range with the launch of four new
investment strategies.

The four new funds, which build on LGIM’s existing range of
ETFs, will target thematic and growth oriented
investment opportunities, the firm said in a
statement. Three of the new ETFs – Emerging Cyber Security,
Optical Technology and Photonics, as well as Global Thematics –
will sit within LGIM’s flagship thematic range; whereas the
Metaverse Fund will sit within LGIM’s newly-created ‘Access’
range, the firm added.

The thematic ETF investment strategies are based on LGIM’s unique
investment approach which blends active research and rules-based
transparent implementation to create custom thematic indices that
aim to offer investors purer exposure to themes, and underlying
positions that are differentiated from traditional portfolios.

The new ‘Access’ range of investment strategies, of which the
Metaverse Fund forms part, aim to provide exposures that are
designed to serve as a tactical or strategic tool for investors
seeking ‘access’ to non-traditional investment opportunities.

Welcoming the move, Aanand Venkatramanan head of ETFs, EMEA
at Legal & General Investment Management, said:
“Thematic investment strategies have seen strong investor
interest over recent years, thanks to their ability to capitalise
on structural and foundational changes in the way we live and

“As we have continued to build our thematic ETF range, we have
sought to provide investors with purer and differentiated access
to new and emerging themes that are shaping the future. Three of
the funds launched today capture some of the most innovative and
disruptive companies shaping global economies, while the Global
Thematic Fund will seek to allow investors to gain exposure to
multiple themes, in an easily-accessible format,” he added.

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