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When one thinks about investment banks or anything to do with corporate firms

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“Every man for himself” this is usually the phrase that comes to mind when one thinks about investment banks or anything to do with corporate firms.

However, Barton Medlock’s investment management team has plans to shake up the £2.1 trillion cash deposit market with their state-of-the-art platform that will allow charities to increase their interest income by providing instant access to the best rates on dozens of cash deposit accounts without having to go to each institution individually.

Usually, you would think charities and investment firms wouldn’t be a match made in heaven but I can assure you that is very wrong.

For decades now hedge fund managers have been fighting with each other to get the biggest pool of charity saving funds as much as they have been fighting over union pots.

The brilliant thing about unions and charities are these saving pots are chunks of money that will not be used for years maybe even decades as they are there for the long-term survival of retirees and institutional pots for future developments.

Barton Medlock uses a “Hybrid Offshore Tax Relief System” where it creates the best possible situation for long term holds on client funds.

If tax was ever something that you found hard to grasp then the vast team of tax relief specialists that the company has in place will give you a rush of blood.

Even though tax relief schemes are usually something that is frowned upon, I can reassure you the tax relief systems in place with this company are completely legal and are always following and adapting to any changes within the ground that they are using.

Many investors, including individual investors who do not wish to profit or earn income from harmful products or companies such as firearms producers, Barton Medlock has investment restrictions which help them avoid these companies.

Divesting conveys an important signal to the marketplace and to these companies that a growing number of investors choose not to finance their current business model.

So, whatever your cup of tea is, I am sure you can do something that benefits you in the correct way that you wish to stand by.

Written by J Robert

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